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Superior Driving School, has become sort of a community driving school in Downtown Tacoma. A trusting relationship has developed between our customers and us. We have had a steady stream of sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends for almost 17 years. 


The majority of our students were 15 years of age when they started driver education with us. Many have stayed in touch with us throughout the years. Some come back to see how we are doing, and tell us about their new life experiences. They have gone on to become moms, dads, teachers, lawyers, and military men and women. 


These students recall the fun, and safe learning environment. We kept them focused on becoming Superior drivers. We did this by establishing a ZERO Tolerance Zone against Bullying, and all other forms of Disrespect and Harassment. We know that students learn best in a safe and positive environment. 


Now, many more familes know where to come for mutual respect, appreciation, and quality service. And, our job is to make sure that we render our service with this in mind. 


Become one of Superior Driving School’s Happy Customers Today!


See you on the Road! 

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