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Welcome to Superior Driving School

Welcome to Superior Driving School,

Come on in and explore our website, and we hope that you make “The Right Choice” and enroll with us for Proficiency and Safety. Superior Driving School is a locally owned and operated Driving School in Tacoma, WA. We have served over  20,000 families in our 20+ years of business. These families are from diverse populations, backgrounds, and age group. Our most senoior student was 100 years of age. Our business continues to be a vital part of the community, and surrounding areas.  And, we appreciate your continued support.


Many students in Washington State between the ages of 15 and 17 are excited about enrolling in a traffic safety program. They know that completing the Washington State Traffic Safety Education Certification Program, is the main step to getting their first driver license at 16.


Our caring and qualified instructors know that this is an exciting time for teens. Yet, they know that traffic safety is a serious business. It is much more than rubber meeting the road. Our primary job is to teach students about the responsibilities of having a driver license.  As a former public school teacher and retired military, we teach these responsibilities in a way that students gain life-long learning skills.


Superior Driving School is a Full-Service Site. When all the teaching and training is over, we can administer the 40 Question Written Test. And, when students have passed the written test, we offer the Drive/Skills Test.  Just that simple!


We will see you on the road!



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